Cabo Deep Sea Fishing: You'll Be Hooked

Pristine beaches and crystal blue waters surround Cabo San Lucas. Deep sea fishing is not just a sport here-it's the ultimate experience. Here's what you'll need to know to maximize your Cabo deep sea fishing trip.

Gear Up

On your Cabo deep sea fishing trip you'll need to start, of course, with a good rod and reel with fresh main line and leader line. Pick your line carefully to make sure that when you reel in "the big catch" you've got a line that will hold... because big-is REALLY big here in Cabo. Deep sea fishing will require 50-80# line. Fishing also requires a license in Cabo for anglers 13 years and older. You'll pay approximately $13 USD.

Head Out

Boat owners will find the waters off Cabo to be calm and enjoyable to navigate. However, if you don't have your own boat to fish from on your trip, never fear!  There are an abundance of Cabo deep sea fishing boats for hire, and one is sure to fit your needs and your budget.

When it comes to charter boats, you've got options in Cabo. Deep sea fishing boats range from a basic 24 foot sport fisher to the lap of luxury 70 foot custom built fishing boat. The basic boats will certainly satisfy your fishing needs. They offer things like GPS and sonar along with the conveniences of an on-board head and of course, certified captains fluent in English and experienced in the Cabo waters. These trips typically cost about $500 USD and accommodate approximately four anglers. Sport rods, live bait, lunch and drinks are typically included.

For once-in-a-lifetime events or for the more extravagant fisherman, there are boats like the Lucky Hooker that not only offer state of the art fish finding technology but also a cabin equipped with televisions, state rooms and first class accommodation. Book a charter like this one and you'll also be provided with hydraulic triple spreader outriggers, top of the line fishing tackle, as well as 80's, 50's, 30's and light tackle. These trips will cost more-typically around $4,000 USD. But also remember, the boat can accommodate up to 12 anglers.

You'll also find plenty of mid-sized boats and packages to suit your Cabo deep sea fishing needs. Research the best options for your group and experience.

Fight Hard

Geared up and on the open water, what can you expect?  Expect fishing like you'll find nowhere else but Cabo. Deep sea fishing is ideal here because the tropical waters of the Sea of Cortez meet with the Pacific Ocean's cool currents. The result:  perfect conditions for big game fish. Common catches include Amberjack, Dorado, Grouper, Jack Crevalle, and of course, the highly sought after Striped Marlin. Anglers may take one full-grown Marlin, two Dorado, Tarbin, Halibut or sailfish and up to ten fish total, not to exceed five of a particular species. And, Yes, you can bring fish back into the states (filleted and frozen). Local fishing centers will be well versed in the fishing regulations and can offer more details. Catch and release is unlimited.

Experienced angler or casual fisherman-Cabo deep sea fishing won't disappoint. If you are looking to experience water adventures in a different location, however, try scuba diving in Key West or the Dry Tourtugas National Park. If the Bahama Islands are of interest, they also have amazing scuba in Bahamas and Bahamas dolphin encounter.